Red-tailed boa on a tree branch

Constrictor constrictor

30 cm x 37 cm x 110 cm



Boa constrictor statue ton hang on a corner. Life-size replica with realistic appearance and careful attention to detail.

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Hand-painted limited numbered series

675,00 €

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Height 30 cm
Width 37 cm
Depth 110 cm
Scientific name Constrictor constrictor
Release year 2016

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Special exhibit designed to hang on a corner. Our life-size replica of a common boa recreates the sinuous pose of a large snake on a tree limb. Its signature curves and folds are perfectly depicted. The scaled skin has been thoroughly sculpted and hand-painted to convey an impressive and exclusive sense of realism. Hang it on an inside or outside corner with its head horizontally aligned and it’ll turn into a very remarkable point of your place.

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