Dasypus novemcinctus

22 cm x 16 cm x 68 cm



Life-size replica with extremely realistic appearance of a nine-banded, long-nosed armadillo.

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Hand-painted limited numbered series

375,00 €

Data sheet

Height 22 cm
Width 16 cm
Depth 68 cm
Scientific name Dasypus novemcinctus
Release year 2016

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This animal truly is one of a kind. Our armadillo statue replicates a solitaire walking specimen, seemingly unaware of the world. The sculpture allows you to contemplate its extraordinary armor, a strong shell consisting in nine flexible bands that protect the mammal in case of danger. Every single detail, from the tiny scales to the distinct tones, has taken our artists a great deal of both sculpting and painting meticulous work, as required to create this exclusive exhibit which is suitable for both interior and exterior.

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