Phascolarctos cinereus

50 cm x 32 cm x 27 cm



Koala sculpture. Realistic appearance life-size figure ready to hang on a wall or a tree of the most beloved and ‘huggable’ marsupial.

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Hand-painted limited numbered series

450,00 €

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Height 50 cm
Width 32 cm
Depth 27 cm
Scientific name Phascolarctos cinereus
Release year 2016

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A realistic replica of a koala must represent the animal on a eucalyptus limb, as it would be pretty uncommon to spot it elsewhere. The most challenging traits to recreate with this sculpture have been the somewhat languid way of looking of the koala and its cotton-like fur. We’re proud of the result with this hand-painted life-sized figure, designed to hang on the wall and suitable for exterior and interior. Place it so its eyes meet human’s eye level.

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