Baby orangutan

Pongo pygmaeus

41 cm x 38 cm x 26 cm



Baby orangutan sculpture. Life-size replica with realistic appearance and careful attention to detail. An almost-human primate with an outstanding reddish mane and big, tenderness-inspiring eyes.

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Hand-painted limited numbered series

420,00 €

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Height 41 cm
Width 38 cm
Depth 26 cm
Scientific name Pongo pygmaeus
Release year 2016

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One of the most complicated statues we’ve ever created. The long, tangled coat shows numerous locks of reddish hair, while the movement-capturing pose portrays one of the peculiar traits of the beloved ape. All this, along the almost-human face with truly expressive eyes make up an emotion-filled figure. As each of our sculptures, it’s uniquely hand-painted and suitable for both interior and exterior. A treat for your eyes no matter the placement.

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