Red Panda

Ailurus fulgens

27 cm x 19 cm x 83 cm



Red panda statue. Hand-painted, carefully detailed life-size replica with realistic appearance. The lesser panda looks just like a huggable teddy bear, as it’s as beautiful as it is shy. It’s the little sibling of the greater panda.

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Hand-painted limited numbered series

380,00 €

Data sheet

Height 27 cm
Width 19 cm
Depth 83 cm
Scientific name Ailurus fulgens
Release year 2016

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The ‘movement’ of this sculpture is just amazing. The life-size red panda wants to interact with the observer, as if it was just about to roar at any time as you contemplate its gait, its signature shaggy tail and that face between ferocious and absolutely cute. Each panda is exclusively, separately hand-painted. Place it on a shelf at eye level (it’s suitable for both exterior and interior) and it’ll captivate everyone’s sight.

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