Pelecanimimus polyodon (hembra)

Pelecanimimus polyodon

110 cms cm x 50 cms cm x 215 cms cm



Pelecanimimus statue. Life-size replica with realistic appearance of an adult female.

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Hand-painted limited numbered series

1 950,00 €

Data sheet

Height 110 cms cm
Width 50 cms cm
Depth 215 cms cm
Scientific name Pelecanimimus polyodon
Release year 2017

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The Pelecanimimus is a theropod ornithomimosaur that lived in the Early Cretaceous of Spain more than 125 million years ago. Our exclusive life-sized, hand-painted replica represents a walking adult female. The quality of the sculpting work is nothing short of outstanding, harmoniously combining feathers and scales. The head shows an open mouth with numerous teeth and big rounded eyes. The pose depicts an intense move, which is balanced with its long tail. The statue is presented with an iron base structure to secure on the ground. This unique dinosaur is a truly impressive exhibit for your exterior.

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