One good day, a kind lad from Barcelona called us on the phone to ask if we could possibly create a realistic replica of his kitten, which recently passed away. His interest and passion moved us, so we got down to business right away. Toby -that was the name of the cat- was a beautiful animal, with a bi-coloured coat and impressive eyes. When we were done, proud with the result, we shipped the statue and were eager to learn from its owner. And it was nothing short of amazing, he was deeply touched! He warmly thanked us for our work and sent a good bunch of pictures of Toby’s replica at home.

Since then we’ve broaden the range of our work. We normally produce replicas for Museums and Nature Interpretation Centres, but now we’re also delivering them for private customers, of the animal they wish, on the position and with the finishing they want.

You can request us any animal replica you wish, in any size and finishing.

Would you love to have a magnificent snow leopard?

An open-winged golden eagle?

An African elephant calf perhaps?

We’ll make it for you.


The quality of our replicas and the abilities of our artists allow us to offer our statues in pretty much any finish, as per our customers’ request. And, of course, exclusively hand-painted. Just ask us for an estimate on the statue you like, but with that special material appearance that suits your living room or backyard. Here you can take a look at some finishing examples, such as stone, silver, copper…