For the last 15 years we’ve been working with Museums, Thematic Exhibitions and Interpretation Centres. Since the very beginning we specialized in the creation of animal replicas as, thankfully, taxidermy is now obsolete. A high-quality replica takes a lot of artistic craftsmanship and manual work, applying sculptural techniques full of patience and attention to detail. It’s all about animals; they have to look virtually alive.

That’s how we model and sculpt our statues, by strictly following the species’ orthodox description, striving to get to the tiniest detail, to the essence of the animal.

Our replicas are based on a first original statue which is handcrafted according to traditional techniques; we do not use 3D printers. From the original figure we then extract a mould that allows us to produce several exhibits. These are made of polyester resin and fiberglass, and we also retouch them manually. Last but not least, the painting process adds the final texturing, character and finishing, and is unique to each piece, as we artistically apply acrylic enamels, paintbrush in hand. Finally, the glass eyes add the last touch of expressiveness.

The great quality of our replicas allows for its placement both in interiors and exteriors as well (gardens, courtyards, terraces). And as we follow the aforementioned traditional handcrafted process, you won’t find two identical statues; we number our series to guarantee their exclusivity.