ANANCUS S.L. Producciones Culturales was founded in 2002 with an exciting goal in mind: to develop and establish our artistic abilities in the educational field of Museums, Exhibitions, and Interpretation Centres. Ever since, we’ve been working all around Spain on subjects such as archaeology, history, ethnology and, above all, Nature.           

We are Nature enthusiasts -animal lovers in particular- hence it was just natural that our operation ended up focusing more and more on this specific segment. We truly appreciate the joy and knowledge we reap by partaking in the creation of numerous Environmental & Nature Centres and Classrooms, by building stages, setting environmental scenes and creating accurate replicas of several different animals.

The creation of animal statues has become our area of expertise. In museums, our replicas replace the obsolete taxidermy by faithfully representing each animal with a genuine artistic sculpture.

We’re now bringing our creations to any nature lover in the world. We believe that, same as we do, there are many who share this very enthusiasm and passion about wild life. People who would love to have a high-quality animal statue at home to contemplate and enjoy.

Though we all have an active role in the whole process, Amanda Navarro Espadas is our lead sculptor, who manually models and shapes our exclusive figures, while Miguel Ángel Caballero Klink is our lead painter, in charge of artistic texturing and finishing.

With every single statue we strive to reflect the animal’s essence; we put all our effort into them so they’re the closest possible to the real living being. Perfection is impossible, but we’ll keep pursuing it.

This is how WILD LIFE REPLICA, the excellent-quality animal statues online store, is born.